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The four condos on this site are all owned by us and have all become almost like part of our family . If you would like to know a little bit more about us......

         We are Gene & Sandy Kalvelage, married 39 years, and reside in Nebraska.  We are blessed with 2 grown children, a son-in-law, and 4 spoiled grandchildren ages 3 - 11. Our condos are also their home away from home.

         We owned local rental property since 1977 and have sold off most of it. We still want to keep some real estate investments but are tired of often "rebuilding" a house after a tenant moves out. So we decided to invest in Branson real estate earlier than we originally planned. We decided to buy before we both retired instead of after. We purchased our Getaway condo in May 2006 after searching over one year.  It was ugly then, but we loved the location, brook, screened porch, floor plan, resort amenities and knew what we could do to it to make it a relaxing home getaway.  We did the major remodeling at that time though we continue to work on it yearly. Our philosophy is if we like it you may also.   We want to share our home with those who are like us.  Want to relax, have fun, but still enjoy the comforts of home.

         The first year we used a resort to manage it.  Starting June 2007, Sandy took over managing it and is enjoying helping people have fun.  Having an opportunity to share in their memories is a fantastic job.

         Since our family grew with more grandchildren, we started looking for 2 side by side condos. We finally bought our Retreat condo right next door in the same building as the Getaway. With only a few steps from one door to the other, it was perfect to have both condos when the whole family came. We started to rent the Retreat in June 2010. We've found other people who are like us and like to have both condos. They can stay together yet still have privacy.

         With the economy prices dropped sharply on condos. In Pointe Royale Golf Village out of 631 condos, 24 back up to a park like secret garden setting similar to what we have at Meadow Brook. These condos have screened porches too. One came up at a good price with a view of the pond, the gazebo & the bridge going over the babbling brook. As prices dropped more we bought it in 2010 with the intention of redoing it and begin renting it in 2011. In 2013 we started to rent it also. It is a walk in 2 level with the 2 bedrooms under the main living area. We built on a 2nd screened porch so both levels have a screened porch. In the spring of 2012, another of these 24 condos with this landscaped setting came up for sale only one building away.  It is another walk in but it is like our Meadow Brook condos and is all on one level with this same wonderful view. Purchasing it would offer an alternative for our guests who want to stay at Pointe Royale but don't want to go down a flight of steps to go to bed. Plus it would give us 2 condos close together for when our whole family comes and our Meadow Brook condos are full. We couldn't pass up owning 2 of the condos with this wonderful park like view. So now we own 4 condos.  It was already being used as a nightly rental but it didn't meet our standards so we made upgrades, got rid of the mint green paint,ugly carpet, uncomfortable beds and more. It is now available to our guests beginning Nov 2012.

       If you wonder why we would spend so much time and money in Branson, it is because we love to visit there. We love to bring our family here and share it with our kids and grand kids.  We enjoy each one of the seasons and the flavor of the Ozarks.  The Ozarks Mountain’s autumn colors try to out shine the unbelievable Christmas season the Branson area celebrates.  Family and Christian values run high in the Branson tri lakes area.  It also has a night life for those of you looking for nightly entertainment but we've grown past that age. Which you've finally figured out by our screened porches, brook side views, recliners, glider rockers, & down home comfy feel. 

        We feel we could easily live in any of our condos year round which many of the Meadow Brook Resort & Pointe Royale Golf Village owners do.   Our condos we love just like our grandkids do.  We hope you do too.


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